My Stuffed Animal Potty Training Story (don’t laugh at me, please =) )

Tomorrow I’m planning on potty training my youngest.

For the past week we have been talking about who wears underwear ant hat poop and pee go in the toilet.

At naptime, I always make up a short story on the fly, usually about the day we’ve had so far.  But sometimes I use my daughter’s three favorite stuffed animals to tell an adventure.

Here is a reenactment of today’s nap time story.  Seems like the sound and video are a bit out of sync.  So just watch the animals.  :)

And don’t make fun of me!

What things did you do to prepare your little one for the Big Day?

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6 Responses to My Stuffed Animal Potty Training Story (don’t laugh at me, please =) )

  1. Ruth Elliott says:

    Tara! I love this! You show such a great spirit of joy and presence, ‘in the moment’. A great idea to share. In fact, I’ve put a link on my site to yours here, to inspire other moms so that they will know it’s OK to slow down and enjoy their kids while they are little – and still can!
    GOD BLESS YOU for showing them how. Here’s the link:

  2. Tani says:

    To prepare, first I called you, then did exactly what you said … and it totally worked! Elsie took a little longer (OK, a lot longer) than Ben, but she has it now and is accident free. We do have one new issue that I’d love your opinion on – she is terrified of public potties that have the auto flush feature (and so many do now, that I almost can’t get her to go in public!)

    • tara tara says:

      Each child can be different. Isabella took to it right away. Nate took longer…especially with pooping in the potty. Sami has no issue with peeing or pooping on the floor so I can see this taking awhile.

      As for the public potties, that is a common issue and for a little one, I don’t blame the fear. Sometimes they startle me! 😉 If possible, try to cover the sensor with your hand so that it doesn’t flush until she’s off and done. You might also try letting her just play around with one sometime…trying to make it flush without her sitting on it just so she can get a sense for how they work and how to anticipate when they flush. HTH!

  3. Tani says:

    PS, love the story – I did have audio difficulties though, even with my sound all the way up, it was very low. But cute!!!